Success Stories

Bright Light Kids has been such a blessing to us!

Since doing ABA services we have seen a considerable difference in our child’s behavior. His interaction with other children has improved tremendously. We cannot imagine life without therapy ever again.
- Sandra C

Every therapist that has been helping our child has been amazing!

We now consider them a part of our family. Our team at Bright Light Kids has encouraged us on going on outing as a family and we work on behaviors wherever we go.  It is nice to have a therapist with us in the public setting whereas, before we would have chosen to stay home.
- Audrey B

Before we did ABA services with Bright Light Kids, I was losing hope for any recovery in my daughter’s life.

My daughter was nonverbal and made little to no eye contact. After just 6 months of ABA services she is now talking and doing things I have never seen her do before. She is now saying words and has significantly increased her interaction with her siblings.
- Christie R

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